Company Slogan

Econometrica Ltd. offers services in both the public and private sectors. The company specializes in the development of econometric analyses and forecasts in the following fields: labour market, education, health, demography and other areas of the socioeconomic reality. Econometrica Ltd. also offers a number of services for the business regarding data processing and the improvement of the companies’ marketing strategy.

Econometric and statistical analyses

Econometrica Ltd. offers a complete range of specialized services in the fields of statistics and econometrics. Econometrica Ltd. has proven expertise in the implementation of large-scale projects in many areas such as: • Labour market, poverty, inequality, social exclusion. • Socioeconomic and demographic analyses and forecasts at national, regional and municipal level. • Impact assessment of programmes and policies. • Development of statistical and econometric analyses, macroeconomic and sector analyses and forecasts, macroeconomic models and forecasts at national level and by economic sectors, and many others. The company services include the development of socioeconomic analyses and forecasts, studies on the labour market and social inclusion, the economic, regional and territorial development, as well as in the elaboration of methodologies of statistical and econometric studies, data production, processing and analyzing and others. The company is also working with and providing training in specialized statistical and econometric software. The mission of Econometrica Ltd. is to help its customers in adequate management decision-making through a precise and scientifically-based statistical and econometrical analysis, development of specialized studies, exact forecasts and providing timely and reliable information. Using the services of Econometrica, its customers can meet the challenges in business, through optimization of expenses, high efficiency and minimal risk, increase in the quality and the market share. Adopting the fundamental principles of the official statistics in its work, Econometrica guarantees its customers a high quality of the offered services through professionalism, detachment, preserving the confidentiality of their information and observing the professional ethics.

Pricing policy and price analysis

Econometrica Ltd. will answer the following and many other questions: • What Pricing Strategy should you use? • What price should you offer for retail sale? • What should be the size of the discounts and the price for wholesale and what price should you offer during a promotion? • What should be the size of discounts for the different payment methods (cash, bank transfer, credit/debit card, etc.)? • What should be the seasonal prices during the different periods of the year? • What should be the prices when selling a package of goods and services? • Price elasticity; •Is there any possibility of price discrimination and differentiation of the pricing depending on the customers’ geographical location? • What is the minimum and what is the maximum marginal price of the goods and services offered? • What is the optimal price for offering your goods and services? • If you change the price with 1 lev or 1%, how and how much would the demand change? • If the prices of other goods and services are changed, how and how much would the demand of your goods and services change? • How important is the price and how important are other factors to the customers when choosing your goods and services? • What will be the future demand of your goods and services? Some of the methods used by Econometrica for price analysis are: • Analyzing the optimal price by using the Gabor-Granger method; • Price Sensitivity Meter (PSM) through the van Westendorp method; • Probability to Switch (between goods and services); • Analyzing the user choice through conjoint analysis; • Price Elasticity of Demand; • Cross-elasticity of Demand; • Effect of income and other factors on demand; • Analyzing the seasonality of demand of your goods and services; • Forecasting the future demand and prices; • Others.

BI & Data Mining

The decision-making process is based not simply on a collection of data, but on collected, processed, analyzed and comprehended “information”. In that way the information is distinguished from the simply collected data - with its utility and use. The methods used by the experts of Econometrica Ltd. for data mining are various statistical tests, modelling, as well as a powerful set of statistical tools, used in neural networks. The marketing application of Data mining can be represented by: • Consumer modelling – it is based on demographic indicators and sales history. Allows us to determine how the clients would react to a certain product or advertisement. • Users evaluation – it is based on recurring purchases, amounts of money spent and the duration of cooperation. It allows us to clarify who are the company’s most valuable clients. • Users segmentation – what are the common characteristics between the company’s customers and is it possible to group them. • Sales planning – if there is information that the clients purchase products A, B and C, what is the probability of purchasing product D.

Estimating the net effect of services on the labour market

The net effect is the difference between the consequences of being involved in a particular programme and not being involved in one. The methodology of estimating the net effects includes the following steps: 1. Statistical hypotheses testing; 2. Eliminating the possible influence of certain differences on the labour market status of the respondents; 3. Calculating net estimates of the effects of the programme on the counterparts, adjusted in terms of the observed differences between the two groups; 4. Calculating the effect on income; 5. Calculating the net social effects.

Specialized trainings

Econometrica Ltd. offers training courses in the field of statistics, sociology and ICT.